Quake Live
3rdQuakeCon 2015 QL CTF with fazz, spart1e, dem0n
3rdQuakeCon 2015 QL TDM with fazz, spart1e, dem0n
2ndfaceit Spring Season Sunday Cup #2
2ndPrague TDM Lan with fox, fazz, tybalt
3rdfaceit Legends Cup
1stQuakeCon 2011 TDM with krysa, avek, spartie
5.QuakeCon 2011
1stESL EMS8 2v2 with zyv
2ndDreamHack Summer 2011 TDM with zyv, deus, fazz
4.DreamHack Summer 2011
1stJeeSports DH QL TDM Cup with zyv, deus, fazz
2ndESL EMS7 TDM with zyv,deus,fazz
7.IEM5 European Championship Finals
9.DreamHack Winter 2010
9.fnatic MSI Beat IT
1stLLL QuakeLive 2v2 Cup with zyv
5.IEM5 Global Challenge Gamescom
7.ESWC 2010 Finals
5.DreamHack Summer 2010
1stZotac QL Duel Cup #35
3rdLLL QuakeLive May Duel Cup
1stG-Data QL Cup #12
3rdIntel Game On Finals
1stIntel Game On DACH Finals
9.IEM4 European Championship Finals
1stAllstars XMASS 2v2 Massacre with zyv
2ndIntel Game On DACH Cup #5
1stIntel Game On DACH Cup #4
1stIntel Game On DACH Cup #3
1stIntel Game On DACH Cup #2
1stIntel Game On DACH Cup #1
3rdIEM4 Global Challenge Dubai
2ndIEM4 Cologne Pro/Am Challenge
1stRazer ESL TV Invitational
Quake 4
9.ESWC Finals 2007
1stESWC Austria 2007
17.ESWC Finals 2006
1stESWC Austria 2006
Quake 3
7.ESL EMS4 Duel
1stAllstars 2v2 Cup with zyv
5.DreamHack Winter 2008
1stLLL Quake 3 Duel Tournament
7.ESWC Masters of Athens
9.ESWC Finals 2008
4.GameGune Bilbao 2008
5.ESWC Masters of Paris
5.CPL Italy 2006
2ndCybersum 2012 with fox, fazz
1stESL Open Wickland Duel Tournament