QL09 Apr 2015
Even tho its already widely known i thought i should probably announce it here as well. Due to the amazing quake community and their donations i'm officially going to attend QuakeCon this year. I'll be playing in a team with flag_se fazz, flag_se Spart1e and flag_be Dem0n called the Averagers (NOT AVENGERS!).

In related news, i have updated my config and hud for quakecon. The hud has seen some changes especiall for CTF with some new "escort" and "return" indicators.

Links: ESR Donation Post, fazz's twitch channel
QL07 Oct 2014
imageZowie and the Z Live guys are hosting a single elimination 2v2 tournament with 4 invited teams and apparently zyv and I are among them. So I guess if for whatever reason you want to see 2 completely inactive players get wasted it'll be your lucky day!

Straight single elimination bracket. All matches - Bo5.
5 Map Pool:
  • Devilish
  • Campgrounds
  • Blood Run
  • Hidden Fortress
  • Almost Lost

Start: 12 October 2014, 14:00cest
flag_ru Cooller flag_ru Pavel
flag_ru 421 flag_ru Latrommi
flag_at Noctis flag_se Zyv
flag_pl Av3k flag_by Cypher

Streams: flag_gb Zlive, flag_ru deliberatemurder