DooM12 Apr 2016
Maybe i can manage to get into the habit of actually writing something here... but probably not. Anyway... i will most likely be streaming lots of Doom again this Weekend during the Open beta (15-17th April).

Just in case anyone happens to stumble upon this message come check out the stream... if you like...

... you don't have to.

I'm streaming at noctistv. The twitch channel also has VODs from the recent closed alpha Weekend.
Misc17 Jun 2015
Better late than never i'll just mention here that my "little" Arena FPS community website project called Plus Forward has finally launched. Check it out at

The site is meant to be a haven for competitive Arena FPS players providing event coverage with betting and all the other stuff you'd expect. I will keep working on the site to provide new features and will keep trying to improve the design.
QL09 Apr 2015
Even tho its already widely known i thought i should probably announce it here as well. Due to the amazing quake community and their donations i'm officially going to attend QuakeCon this year. I'll be playing in a team with flag_se fazz, flag_se Spart1e and flag_be Dem0n called the Averagers (NOT AVENGERS!).

In related news, i have updated my config and hud for quakecon. The hud has seen some changes especiall for CTF with some new "escort" and "return" indicators.

Links: ESR Donation Post, fazz's twitch channel
Wickland11 Jan 2015
imageSince i was bored recently and really couldn't stomach QuakeLive anymore i decided to try some other games and as it just so happened ESL decided to host a Wickland tournament with prizes. The finals of this tournament were played today and you can see the results below.

icon_cup_gold flag_at noctis
icon_cup_silver flag_fr DsT-UrSuS
icon_cup_bronze flag_it Alieno18

In true fatal1ty fashion i will obviously consider this as a world champion title. Additionally i also won a AOC G2460FQ 144Hz monitor, so all in all a sweet deal.

Links: Playoff Brackets, Playoff VODs casted by Jehar
QL07 Oct 2014
imageZowie and the Z Live guys are hosting a single elimination 2v2 tournament with 4 invited teams and apparently zyv and I are among them. So I guess if for whatever reason you want to see 2 completely inactive players get wasted it'll be your lucky day!

Straight single elimination bracket. All matches - Bo5.
5 Map Pool:
  • Devilish
  • Campgrounds
  • Blood Run
  • Hidden Fortress
  • Almost Lost

Start: 12 October 2014, 14:00cest
flag_ru Cooller flag_ru Pavel
flag_ru 421 flag_ru Latrommi
flag_at Noctis flag_se Zyv
flag_pl Av3k flag_by Cypher

Streams: flag_gb Zlive, flag_ru deliberatemurder
Reflex20 Sep 2014

It looks pretty damn good and promises all the features that the quake community has hoped for since 2008, only with this team one can actually have faith to get those features. I have backed it and so should you!

Links: Reflex on Kickstarter, Reflex Website
DooM18 Jul 2014
"There will be fast-paced competitive multiplayer."

I don't think there is anything I have to add.
Misc14 Jul 2014 what?

My main motivation behind this site wasn't actually that I wanted to share anything with the world but to simply have a little web project to tinker with. After a while I thought that for once maybe I should finish something I started and thus here it is.

The main reason for the Top-Level-Domain .tv was that every other good TLD was already taken. The second reason is that it's not all that inconceivable that I might start streaming stuff one day. It mostly depends on me finally getting an internet connection with a fast enough upload speed.

Anyway, until I start playing actively again or start streaming I suppose the content on this site will stay as barren as it is for now.
My configs are still available under downloads, since that is most likely the only reason anyone has ever opened this site. :D